The world is being unwired. According to industry analysts, wireless communication is one of the largest segments within the telecommunications market, having reached around 35 percent of the total telecommunications market. Over the next four years, many experts think that wireless communications will grow at better than 20 percent each year due to massive growth in smart devices.

Foreseeing the immense growth, Track4Solutions lined up with some market dominating brands to provide most reliable services to its customers. Knowing the market trends and having keen expertise, we have delivered the state of art solutions to various customers from small business to enterprise market. Track4Solutions have motives to deliver the ultimate Wi-Fi performance, cost-effectiveness and ease of deployment to multiple venues with high densities of wireless clients.

For service providers and venue owners, these WLANs are essential to offloading wireless traffic from 3G/4G networks and can support thousands of Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices with no performance penalties.

With unmatched experience and expertise designing high-capacity indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi networks for large public venues, Track4solutions can survey, design, configure, and validate deployments, ensuring a best-in-class network experience.