Cource Contents


Title: Leadership and Management


Course Duration: 2 Days


Course Description:

This Course is designed to give an introduction and detailed understanding towards leadership and management. It is outlined with industry’s best standards and practices around the globe. Course is comprised of both theory and exercises to learn, understand and practice these standards for the productive output from the managers and the team. The participants will learn about the basics of leadership, their skills, behaviors and approaches to transform a manager to a true leader. The attendees will not only learn the methods of improving their management skills but also learn on how the team can become motivated, constructive, productive and self-satisfied. The Course is designed to involve the participants with active discussions and real world exercises to learn the advancements in the leadership and for bringing the best out of them.

Course Objectives and key Benefits:

  • Core Qualities of Leaders
  • Behaviour of Leader
  • How to Handle critical Situations
  • Managing Teams
  • How to Build a better team
  • How to Improve Motivation and Dedication
  • Transformation of Manager to a Leader

Pre Requisite

  • Involved in any kind of business activities
  • Engineers or Managerial Position

Who Should Attend?

Engineers / HR/ Middle Management/ Top Management/ Production Team/ Execution Team/ Panning Team

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