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Title: Relation & Importance of Theory, Technology & Body Language in Your Career


Course Duration: 3-4 Hours


Course Description:

This Course is designed to give an introduction on the importance and relationship of the studied subjects in their university and relate them with the technologies, which they will experience in their careers. The course relates the different aspects of studies and technologies with the body language of the individual. Our engineers are one of the best engineers in the world, but they lack the importance of team work and working in a team. So the course covers this important facet in the career.

The Course is entirely based on the real-world experiences of the instructor and knowledge been gathered from different multinational organizations around the globe. The course is built to make our engineers ready for the challenges, which they will face during the career and how they can handle them effectively. This course is designed for the large group of audience. Every feature and outline of the course is packed with discussions, cross questioning and sharing real world experiences with the audience to keep it interesting, beneficial and easy for grasping the concepts.

Course Objectives and key Benefits:

  • Importance of Studied Courses
  • Importance of learning new Technologies
  • Importance of right attitude
  • Relation and Importance of learning and correct attitude in your career
  • How to spark in your career
  • How to grow in a team
  • How to become a Mentor rather than a manager

Pre Requisite

Students from 3rd Year of Graduation onwards

Who Should Attend?

Students in their 3rd or final year of Graduation or Master’s Degree majorly in Electrical/Electronics/Telecom/Computer Sciences, Business Administration and relevant

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