Increasingly, digital games are cropping up everywhere in education. And that's stimulated a flurry of activity leading to the expectation that no longer are learning games only likely to come from traditional education companies, but a wide variety of sources.

Track4Solutions has a dedicated division to develop educational games-based learning environment that makes learning fun. We're the ones who've made it possible for students to learn different subjects like English Mathematics, Science, Arabic, Urdu, Islamic Studies and Social Science etc. by playing games. We have years of experience developing the educational counterparts of the most popular games in the world. By combining educational content with fun game play and design-the hallmarks of great games-we have the formula to truly make education and learning entertaining.

Our game development team creates unique games that are highly interactive, user friendly and addictive. We build award-winning game apps for all major platforms. Track4Solutions is continuously developing solutions for giving teachers an app to help them solve their biggest problem—classroom management—through real-time feedback and online rewards.

The team in Track4Solutions believe that the greatest potential of games for learning lie in their ability to foster collaboration and engage students deeply in the process of learning. Our Services include the design, development, testing, maintenance and support services of educational games. Track4Solutions educational games are targeted towards the students from Kindergarten to grade-5 and it is still growing.

One of the major advantages is that Track4Solutions educational games can be customized as per the culture, environment, and local characters of any specific country. We provide these services to all our client and they just love it.

Multiple educational games

  • Sports
  • Endless Racing
  • Puzzles
  • Simulation
  • Action
  • Arcade
  • Multiplayer
  • Strategy
  • Dice