Cource Contents


Title: 3G - An Advanced Overview


Duration: 3 days


Course Code: NSE-WLS-601


Course Description:

This training course is on the advance overview of 3G technologies; it discusses the network architecture – access and core networks with related functionalities, specifications, and concepts. In progress, this course will discuss the elements of the Operation Support Subsystem (OSS) related to management and service assurance. The final Section of this course will highlight the basic considerations of designing and planning a 3G network.

Course Objectives and key Benefits:

  • Learn the Evolution Path of Mobile Communications
  • Identify 3G Network Components and Describe respective functions
  • Understand 3G Transport Technologies and Learn Selection and Design principles
  • Learn Operation Support System Components and Functions
  • Learn 3G Network Design and planning principles

Pre Requisite:

Basic Understanding of Wireless Communications, Knowledge of 2G and Plus

Who Should Attend?

Engineers / Technicians /Network Designers & Planners / Design & Deployment Engineers/ Network Integration & operations Engineers