Cource Contents


Title: LTE Network Designing and Planning


Course Duration: 3 Days


Course Code: NSE-WLS-605


Course Description:

This Course is designed to provide detailed knowledge and understanding on Network Designing and planning principles for Long Term Evolution – LTE system. This course helps participants understand the planning processes for LTE including Network Dimensioning, Coverage, Capacity, Traffic Density Estimations, and Frequency planning. Participants will be able to realize via selective exercises the impact of selections on the network performance, and through the process the participant shall learn the techniques to optimize network design and planning to optimize performance.

Course Objectives and key Benefits:

  • Describe the features and Benefits of LTE
  • Understand Network Design and planning Principles
  • Understand the Traffic Requirements and QOS of LTE
  • Understand the Propagation Requirements of LTE
  • Understand Difference of Antennas
  • Learn optimized Antenna configuration procedures
  • Learn Frequency characteristics and Respective Coverage Requirements
  • Learn Site Selection Procedures for LTE

Pre Requisite

  • Knowledge of 2G/3G.
  • Good Understanding of LTE

Who Should Attend?

Engineers / Technicians /Network Designers & Planners / Design & Deployment Engineers/ Network Integration & operations Engineers/ Research and Development personnel