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Title: LTE Access & Core Network


Course Duration: 3 Days


Course Code: NSE-WLS-606


Course Description:

The course will cover the interworking with legacy 3GPP and Non-3GPP networks. LTE, Long Term Evolution, is the trade name of the development work in 3GPP to satisfy the future vision of UMTS- higher bitrates, band-width efficiency and flexibility, as well as cost efficiency EPC, Evolved Packet core.

The course covers the UMTS-EPS architecture with focus on LTE (evolved UTRAN, E-UTRAN). The downlink and uplink frame structure of E-UTRA is studied in detail. The physical layer, covering OFDM and DFTspread OFDM (SC-FDMA), layer 2 including MAC with scheduling, resource management and HARQ, RLC with ARQ and PDCP handling ciphering as well as layer 3 RRC and NAS are also studied. The interoperability with other 3G UTRAN is covered, as well as the comparison with future 4G technologies. The new nodes, PDN-GW, Packet Data Network Gateway, S-GW, Serving Gateway and MME, Mobility Management Entity will be presented in details. Signaling procedures for a number of functions will be presented.

Course Objectives and key Benefits:

Give those working in the LTE and EPC area an understanding of the architecture and functions of the involved protocols. The attendee will be given a deep understanding of the air interface as well as several traffic cases

Pre Requisite

Basic experience of mobile networks is an advantage but not compulsory

Who Should Attend?

Engineers / Technicians /Network Designers & Planners / Design & Deployment Engineers/ Network Integration & operations Engineers